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Most of my blog comments come via Opera Mini and I find it strange that most blogs and websites in Zimbabwe still use disqus when it does not work on Opera Mini. Why would website owners use disqus and is it really relavant in a mobile first country like Zimbabwe?

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I actually made a WordPress plugin some time ago that allows disqus to work on Opera Mini, and for people to comment with their accounts. I asked other developers to chip in and help for other CMSes but I guess you know how the story ends when there's no money involved (see: http://disqus4africa.pen.io)

The advantage with disqus is the reader lock-in it has. Readers can follow the conversation and come back to it long after they've left your site.

If disqus worked on Opera mini, would you see it relevant? If yes, then I'll coerce a few developers to help me finish the plugins.
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Yes that is the way forward. Google has announced that they will start penalising mobile un ready websites
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They have? Something tells me though they are talking about responsive designs and stuff, not Javascript. Even their products are horrible in Opera Mini. Have you seen the new Gmail? You need more than a few clicks to get what you want done.
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Disqus is very relevant and useful but it also depends with where you want to use it
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Many prefer diqus coz it pays too, its one way to easily monetize your blog, i once got 29 dollars in one day. The around the web links each time u click on the the website u are on, makes money. so like the fact it doesnt work on opera mini used to bug me, coz ilikes wanteda lotof facebook comments, but then i realised comments are useless, whats useful is to lock readers so that they read and read and click on adverts.kkkk. BTW i run a news website anwayscone might argue that comments might help drive new traffic, but then it kind of eves out with spammers and trolls, and its no uncommon for regular visitors to turn the comment thread into a chat. so comments i dont give a hoot about it..after all its mostly insults and in any case whoever comments on hardcopy newspapers? i have like and share buttons to drive new traffic for me, not to mention that i share all interesting links on big facebook pages.
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