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I'm trying to install ios 7 beta 6 but instructions say:
1) Mount the .dmg image file;
2) open iTunes;
3) connect the iPhone/iPad/iPod to the Mac/PC with the USB cable;
4) select Restore while keeping pressed Alt (Mac) or Shift (Windows);
5) choose the .ipsw firmware file that is located within the .dmg mounted image;
6) once restored, go here to activate: http://www.incredibili.net/iOS7

The first step I don't understand

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5 Answers

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It's easy just change the dmg file extension to ipsw. You do this by clicking rename on your desired file . Make sure you have administrative rights.
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PowerISO doesn't work on dmg files. I did the process of installing ios 7 Beta flawlessly. What u need to do before these steps is to extract the .dmg file as it is a compressed file. Win rar won't work, jus download the open source 7zip software from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z920.exe for 32 bit and http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sevenzip/7z920-x64.msi for the 64bit file. A
After extracting follow the steps u posted and u will install ios 7 beta
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All what it means on the first step is like taking a cd and putting it in the cd drive. Bt on this case, you need a virtual cd software like virtual clone drive to mount it on your pc and make it accessible just like a physical disk.
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As dmg is mostly a mac format, its just a matter of double clicking it in osx and it's mounted. On windows, you will either have to find compatible software or convert the dmg file to iso format (which you can then mount or burn). If i remember correctly, http://www.poweriso.com should be able to mount or convert dmg images.
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You must be careful mate. If you are not a Developer - Apple might decide to close their downgrade system and you will be stuck on IOS beta (mind you it has got an expiry date) and  you wont be able to update to IOS 7 official since you do not have a Developer account. You will end up with a bricked device, Do not trust Apple. Its nice to go with the flow and have i OS 7 beta but its meant for Developers!!!! and i can bet you aint a Developer.
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I am testing about another imaging toolkits( http://www.yiigo.com/guides/vbnet/ ) these days. I wonder whether it offers some relevant information about it. And I will check it later.
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