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good day I am Lloyd Madoka and and an accounting student at Kush Phik poly in Marondera.There wifi is currently switched off I wish to take advantage of it by selling wifi.I want a broadband wifi router and a service provider.Advixe me on what is the best and al thetechnicalities.

skype twitte ####( please request pm(private message) interaction with interested parties)###

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You need a reseller licence for that. Contact Potraz for all the requirements!!

Anything outside that might be very illegal.
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Potraz is just being picky.  This is such a tiny thingy on the side of educational purpose rather than a full blown business.

I understand Africom has great coverage in marondera. Since you are a student you can buy their modem for $20 right now by showing your student ID. Get their sim card for $1 and subscribe to they unlimited internet plan for $35 a month

Then buy one of these wireless 3G routers


You are then good to go
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Bt he is a student who want to take advantage of the situation.
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