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I will be attending ENA course  over the a 5 day period. This is a networking course, maybe compared  to cisco's ccna.

I have never heard about Extreme before until there switches were bought in a hurry for our production network.

So l will  be sort of blogging my views and experience over the 5 day duration.

I hope this will help someone.

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Day 1.

Let me jus hit the point and say this is not a course to take if you ar new to network.

The level of knowledge you are required to hav before you take the course is quite high which makes it not an everyday course to understand basic stuff.

You are required to know:

Lan in detail
Routing protocols
Security and management protocols

This course from my view is for those who are already in networking who are looking to expand their knowledge because maybe your employer bought Extreme switches or you work for a VAR.

My thoughts;

I was taken aback when the lecturer pointed out that we were gona do some scripting. I know linux is taking a have centre stage in the networking world including Cisco.

But l never thought how to what extend. Extreme OS apparently is purely Linux but stripped of all the goodies.  Only vi editor is left but heavily reduced functionality.

Cisco hav also done the same with the Nexus range IOS bt l have yet to play with one to give a full verdict.
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Day 2.

We covered what is considered basic switch operations and some interesting stuff including:


We also had a look at what Extreme call legacy cli. This is where you simulate Cisco ios configuration style in Extreme switches.

My thoughts.

This course does not come cheap, so if its not being paid by your company dont do it. Another thing which is now very clear is that it depends heavily on Cisco foundation. I would say a minimum of ccna is a must and ccnp switch and or routing is even better.
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Day 3.

Today we covered a lot. We did:

Eaps.  The Extreme version of stp
Identity management
-network auth
IP routing

Who still remember fddi and ring topology. That what eaps is all about. In fact, eaps was made in reference to telco networks and is a big plus if you have voip networks.

It is used in a ring topology. But its glory is now fading with the new demands of mobile users.

My thoughts:
It was an interesting class because for the first time l felt like l was learning something new. The other reason was that there was not much reference to Cisco which made me really listen.
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Day 4.

It  was our last module today

XOS scripting
Uneversal Port Config

My thoughts:

I have always feared but l kinda warmed up to them today. These are just used for batch config of switches.
Qos was not that detailed as l expected bt very easy to configure and understand.
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Day 5

Exam day.

Without violating NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), l think the exam was fairly different to all the exams l have had before.

Did l pass?

Final verdict:

lt was a fast pace taught course with a lot of bare born information being provided. A lot in a short period time. This is a course l recommend if you not the one paying and you have a lot of experience and background experience.
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