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Where are the ZISPA Offices, their site says Eastgate but they are no longer there, more importantly, whats the process in registering a .co.zw domain name, do i have to visit them, their site is not helpful

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by Guru (27.3k points)
i dont mean to digress or go off topic, but why dont u just register a .com, in my opinion, it doesnt matter, infact registering a .com is lesst hustle, renewal is easy, takes only 30 seconds, and u dont limit yourself to zim. i actually regret registering a .co.zw, too much redtape and expensive for none
by Contributor (7.1k points)
Sometimes you  need a .co.zw domain to identify yourself as zim oriented. For instance you have a website that talks about Zim music only then its more cool to call it mumhanzi.co.zw than mumhanzi.com... Its my two cents ... besides when a Zimbo googles something, google first lists .co.zw domain extensions before going to worldwide extensions.
go to the ZOL offices and tell them you want to register a domain.
by Contributor (8.2k points)
Yeah, i NEED a .co.zw domain coz
1) Am a proud Zimbo and
2) It matters to Google also
3) I need a .co.zw! and the process of registering it
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