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I am an a Sys Admin for a local Advertising company. Last week we have a meeting about changing our internet service provider. Personally, I was happy with our current providers TelOne (broadband).

Looks like Admin is up to cutting costs to around 150/month and they brought dongles in the discussion as an option but I couldn't buy it. Is there any reliable Internet Service Provider who can offer $150-$200 reliable internet?

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Nothing beats the wire!! It might look cheap to change into all these dongles service wanabe reliable service but they ar not.

The amount of time yu and yo company ar going to spending fondling with settings and slow speed does not look well informed for a good business environment.
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for $150-200 per month your in the range of fibre, so thats always going to be the best way to go, its future proofing your connection because fibre speeds can always be upgraded down the line

Zol offers packages (biz or home) in that price range on fibre - if your in there areas then install shouldnt be too costly either
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Zol is the best in that price range...i am switching over after my contract expires with Iway, they offered me 3mb for $20 less than i am paying for a 256kb link
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Africom is pretty good and cheap if you are within 10 km of CBD hre. I have no experience with telone,  but those who used it said its the best with constant speed and reliability
Thanks Novatel I will call to find out more!!! I was furnished will the this: http://telone.co.zw/adsltariff.html
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