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Hello all.  Having looked at the spec for the following iPhone 5S (A1533) iPhone 5C (A1532)    iPhone 5S (A1453) iPhone 5C (A1456)
I notice that they all support CDMA, GSM, LTE and UMTS so my question is this.  Can I register the CDMA portion of the phone on a network like Africom or TelOne and then have an Econet nano sim for LTE, GMS and UMTS and access the two networks at the same time?  Your answers are appreciated

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From the looks of your question, it looks like you are asking if the iPhone now has dual sim capabilities, correct? Well dual sim and dual mode (dual mode is the ability for it to support two different frequencies (both GSM and CDMA).

Sadly, no, in answer to your question. You can not run two sim cards (well the CDMA one is called a RUIM - Removable User Idendity Module) simultaneously. Each sim card (allow me to call the CDMA that for now) will have to run separately.

There were some guys (in the USA) who could cut both the sim cards and fit them onto one, thus allowing one to have two sim cards in a phone at the same time. However, with this method they would have to switch between the two sim cards and could not receive a call on both numbers (as one will be off).

Worse still, that there is now a nano sim card slot (read even smaller slot) that will not work very friendly to you putting two sim cards onto one.

So, in conclusion, NO.
Thanks for the response and you are spot on. My hope was however that the iphone would work without an RUIM as was traditionally used by the likes of Verizon wireless USA.  I actually have a blackberry world handset with no RUIM registered on powertel working absolutely fine.  In my sim slot I have an Econet line.  While I can not use the two simultaneously I can switch between the two, powertel for surfing and econet for calling etc.  I was hoping the iphone would have allowed the use of two networks i.e one for data and one for voice at the same time... i guess wishful thinking anyway thanks for the prompt answer!
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