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asked in Mobile by Guru (62k points)
Is there a list out that that can show whether a phone can connect to the ever popular WhatsApp? What devices and platforms does the application run on, so that I am informed before buying a new handset.

I know about it being able to run on Android, iOS, Windows, S40, S60, Blackberry. Are there any other devices (hopefully that are cheaper) that support WhatsApp. Sadly when going around town in Harare looking to buy a phone, every salesmen selling states that his phone can run WhatsApp. I heard them trying to sell a Nokia Asha 202 (dual sim) to someone, and I know for a fact that WhatsApp does not connect to this device.

So, can anyone tell me what devices support WhatApp?

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i think only Android, iOS, Windows, S40, S60, Blackberry can fun whatsapp and there are cheaper devices with android that are less than 80 dollaz..Symbia devices are also cheap...whats your price range and will the phone be solely for whatsapp..
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I am looking for a website, that will list the devices that can connect (or the Operating System versions that are "conducive" for running the application.
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Try this  i hope it helps                                  www.earlyface.com/mobile-phone/list-of-cell-phones-that-are-compatible-with-whatsapp-messenger/
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That link is not opening but in my researches I managed to bump into this FAQ on the WhatsApp page: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/general/20951556
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devices like Nokia c3 ,c2 Nokia x 2 x3 Samsung galaxy
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If you visit http://whatsapp.com/dl u'll know straight from there if it supports watsapp or not.
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U should visit www.watsapp.com for a watsapp download  which is suitable for yo phone
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Yes mujhay installed krna hai whatsapp nai ho rha mai kya krun ab
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