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I would like to buy a .com domain name through a reputable web host. I have used GoDaddy, with minimal success, mainly due to the time delay (USA is about 7-9 hours behind Zimbabwe.

I would like to buy the .com with matching .co.zw and other regional domains. Is there anyone who can do that here in Zimbabwe, or do I have to look to South Africa?
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You can get domain name from http://www.tucktail.com/domains/search.aspx?ci=1775&prog_id=447401 where the prices are dirt cheap...Go through their plans if you like you can purchase .com domain from them

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I have had great success with ZOL, but then again I have only used ZOL and Godaddy.  I like the options Godaddy provides for me in terms of SSL certs etc, private registration etc.  but for all my .co.zw domains I have had to use ZOL as you can not to my knowledge register a .co.zw outside of zimbabwe (ZISPA stuff).
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Do ZOL do .com's? I have visited YoAfrica (and had a domain name registered with them) but they required me to take some kind of a hosting package.

I just want to buy the domain name and have it hosted somewhere else. I am yet to decide whether to host locally (in Zimbabwe) or internationally - that will be another question...
Yes they do .com addresses.  In my case when I registered my .com with them I had a broadband account with them.  They did not require me to get anything else so I am not sure if you need an "underlying" service with them.  Once i got my domain, i simply pointed cname, a and mx records to my own serves.
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There are lots of domain name registration sites available online. But make sure to choose the one that offers variety of options at fair price. For instance, you can look a website called https://domainia.com/  that has their vast collection in various categories. However, ensure that when you registered a record it should be secure and untouchable.
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I am sure you know where you can get your .co.zw domain (https://www.name.co.zw), maybe you didn't know we also do the .com domains and other international domains though we haven't integrated them on Name.co.zw. We are working on integrating them. For our .com domains its instant just get in touch and we can register it for you.
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