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Just thought I share a success of how I send money out of Zimbabwe (in seconds).

Depends on how often you intend to make this payment. If it is once off you can:

1.  Try a bank transfer (takes a few days, not advised for urgent situations)

2. Look for someone who has a relative in Zim that they want to send money to, you payout here and they pay out in S.A. (Needs a bit of trust, advisable to deal with relatives - even that can be a problem, or close friends)

3. Bus drivers (good luck with this)

4. Someone you know who is travelling to that country. Give them the money to take it for you (requires a whole lot of trust).

5. If it is a large sum of money, either get someone to get on a bus or drive there and physically hand over the cash. (this will take a bit of time, worse still may be costly if the person is far away - UK?)

If this is going to be a frequent payment (monthly, for months to come) go to your local bank (try Standard Chartered) and take out a bank account that has a VISA card. Or have the person who you want to send money to open an account here in Zimbabwe when they are here, and get a VISA card. They will then take that VISA card back with them to wherever they are going and whenever you want to send money to them you just deposit it into their Zimbabwe bank account and they can withdraw it in whatever country they are in for <$5 for ANY AMOUNT and IN SECONDS!!!

This can also be done for all those that are in S.A. who want to continually send money to Zimbabwe. They just open a South African bank account that comes with a VISA card, send that card home and whenever they want to send money they just deposit the money and have it withdrawn in Zimbabwe in seconds.

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There are now agents who charge you a certain percentage to transfer your money..... Its illegal as they don't have Beau rue De Change licenses..
Banks charge you around $40 minimum fee to do any amount of transfer..
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