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Can anyone lay out the steps that one has to take in order to get a website up in Zimbabwe?

What needs to be done first? Web design? Domain registration? Hosting?

Anyone with some information for the upcoming guy who wants to get his ideas out there?

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What comes first is really up to you but since design obviously takes more time, you don't want to wait on this one. Depending on how much exposure you have to web technology you can either hire someone to design for you or try out a lot of CMSs out there. If you don't know anything, I advice you speak to professionals who will be able to advice on the best hosting package based on your target market, application and expected traffic.
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am also starting out, my first stop is online domain registration and I am going to try out these guys "https://webenchanter.com/zwe/domains" , whilst their promotion is still on........ I have already done my designs (actually just modified a wordpress website). after that will now look into Hosting.....
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First of all, you need to register a domain name with any of the domain providers in the world .  . Before that, you should choose a domain name for your website . Note : Domain name should be short and it is related with your website content . After registering your domain name, you can get web hosting package from them to host your website .

Source :http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_domains/
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Just search for web hosting/building sites.
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