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I have noticed the phenomenal success (well at least in numbers of likes) of Baba Jukwa on Facebook. People are just thirsting for social media content.

Or is it that they had some strategy in place? Did Baba Jukwa use SEO to build his page following?

He defeats all the known rules as to how to build a successful Facebook page. He does not post at the right time, he doesn't add an image (which most blogs and websites encourage you to do). His content is just raw, are people are loving it (well at least before and just after the elections).

Doesn't this teach the major brands like Econet and Telecel that people are not online just to read about adverts and press releases? People what info, more so information that is happening behind the scenes.

Note to inspiring Social Media Consultants
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its because people like gossip dats y u find that gossip mags have more  sales than reality ones

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scandal  sensatinal stories and controversy sell dude. nothing unusual here.
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Is that then an encouragement to us to create (or rather post) sensational content?
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dude, who am i to decide what u shld do with your life? with all due respect i think thats a decision u gotta make for yourself
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here we are not concerned about that.
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