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Zimbabwe, after a long awaited period, nominated a new cabinet this past week with various new Ministries coming to being.

Of concern to us all in the ICT industry is that Minister Chinamasa is now in charge of the goings on of things that concern us.

Any new developments that we would like to see happen over the next five years?

Econet step down from the regulatory role that it has been playing and allow POTRAZ to take up its responsibilities? Mobile number portability perhaps? e-government?

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Point of correction, Chinamasa is the new minister of Finance. Webster Shamu is the Information and Communication Technology, and Postal
and Courier Services Minister. The ministry is generally in charge of all the telecoms, MNOs, ICT companies, post office and courier services... It's a huge cake I tell you.

Your Econet acquisitions... I think that's a bit of a stretch to say they have a "regulatory" role... I don't see it that way, POTRAZ is still the regulator.

As for opportunities, let's wait and see the strategies that the ministry will employ... Definitely e-government is among them.
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