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No that there are a host of Facebook pages that are offering news to its followers, I am interested to know what the best online website that offers news is?

I have checked out the traditional; Herald, Newsday, DailyNews, etc, but want something/somewhere that aggregates the websites, showing content from various newspapers, from here and even from regional places like Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

Also it must categorise the news by topics and by tags (better yet is if they added their own tags). Something along the lines of the Drudge Report.

Is there anything? Does anyone see an opportunity here for a startup? Offering the news for free and making your money from advertising?

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The service you have described is kind of there for the Fingaz, Independent and Standard Newspapers. However to get specific content say business news, you need to add them to an Rss reader and get your news items by category. For local Zim news I use the above sites on my rss and also try checking out NewZimbabwe, Zimobserver, the guardian (Zim tags) and nehanda radio.
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For mobile you can use an app called Pulse. It has amazing categories... Available on Play store for Android. Also Google News gives you local news based on your location.
With Google Alerts I get a daily email that aggregates news about Zimbabwe.
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There's my baby http://topnews.co.zw and its bigger African brother who I cannot tell you about at the moment.

Was a scratch my own itch kind of thing how It started. I was running some social media for a few people but needed to know what's hot so that I get maximum impact on Google as well as the social media audience so I built that site to do the numbers for me. It seems to have a growing dedicated following which is funny because I have NEVER marketed it in any way. It also has horrible SEO, no social media/email traps and bad an ugly bounce rate but still people are finding it. I add new sources from time to time though but now more to the bigger brother not this little fella.

On the best news websites I'll send you lists I've compiled over the months from the small bloggers to some outliers and will update back here when time allows.

Acquisition offers welcome hehe
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vast options of zim online publications, they all write the same, take your pick
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Haha shameless plug!

Well Gabe Rivera's Techmeme makes money so much VCs are cramming at the door. They have sponsored stories and they sell their Ads directly. So do people like Drudge
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You can also try www.allafrica.com It collects news items from all the major newspapers in Africa.
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