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Hello All,
Here is my question.  We live in a house with three sets of couples.  Everything works fine as far as cooking, fridge use, tv use etc is concerned.  However our electricity bills run close to $1000 per month and the culprit it is suspected is the laundry room.  Is there anyway to have a prepaid meter just for the laundry room and then have another meter for the rest of the house?  This would be ideal as it would allow to track the use of electricty for each couple.  If this is not possible, would it be possible to get a passive meter?

Thank you in anticipation.

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What type of house do you live in?? A $1000 bill???? Wow!!!!!! $1000!!!!! I can use that for about 33 months!!!!!!! Try talking to the ZESA guys. They will advise you on the best way foward!!!!!!!!!!
you know what... we have been fighting with zesa about this for ages now which is why we are now eager to go the prepaid route.  It is pretty crazy and the only thing we could think of using any sort of electricity to write home about was the clothes washer and dryer.  will continue to pursue it and advise the outcome
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Firstly, I honestly think your electricity bill is TOO HIGH!!! You need to look at putting in measures to bring it down, unless of course your business is electricity intensive and you work from home. But as a normal home user it should be no more than $50 (I'm hoping you've just added an extra zero there and your figure is meant to read $100 - one hundred dollars, and NOT one thousand as it appears).

In that regard, I do know that one can have more than one electricity prepaid meter at their house (this has usually been the case where there is a cottage in the yard along with the main house). This being said, I suggest you visit ZESA Wayne Street, Harare (or your nearest ZESA regional office and make enquiries there). Or hopefully, someone from ZESA sees this post and knows any better and can advise.
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