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I know that Econet have launched (or so they claim) their 4G service in various areas around Zimbabwe. They are currently offering the service through a Dongle and what I'm interested to know is whether it is compatible with my phone (if I just put in my sim card will I pick up their services and speeds)?

Do I need to get a special type of sim card to allow me to access LTE? How much does it cost?

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apparently only available on the Econet issued LTE dongles for now, so, no. Maybe they are trying to control the number of devices using the network.
LSM, I disagree I am able to access LTE on my Nokia 820 with no additional settings besides changing to activate in option.  I then get an LTE symbol if i am in town... have never been able to get it to work from home though even though i see pockets hill base station and thats where i get my network from.
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You need your (current) SIM card to be provisioned for the service, but at the moment LTE is a PS only service. Another format, VoLTE (analogous to VoIP) is yet to be launched after the first phase is done with, that is why you can get LTE on an LTE capable device; but will do internet only.
Secondly, your phone being an S4 does not guuarantee LTE.
There are different variants of an S4:
i9500 - base model
i9502 - dual sim model
i9505 - LTE model
i9506 - LTE+ model
So presently the service is being offered on dongles because there is no voice or sms capability as yet.
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What about Iphone 5
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Hey @Castro
 iPhone 5, 5S and 5C all have LTE capability regardless of model. Unless locked onto a particular carrier (which you can easily jailbreak your way around that one). Unlike the numerous samsung variants Apple gladly sticks to a single production mould.
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