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I am using an Android Samsung Galaxy S3 device and I am interested to know how best I can save (or cut down) on my monthly cellphone bill for voice, text and data charges.

I am a prepaid user, my phone is single sim and I use a Telecel Zimbabwe sim card. I am a avid Social Media follower, usually on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Any suggestions that can help me save? Or even cut my monthly expenses down to half? Any applications that I can download for free?

I appreciate all the help.

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You can supplement your Telecel airtime by using WiFi. Especially when you are in town. Its cheap. say $1 an hour!!!! You can use that to do your updates. Its the best that you can do!!! The native Facebook, Twitter, YouTube applications can really chew your data big time so i suggest you only use those when you have access to WiFi. For general browsing you can use Opera Mini. Its the best data compression browser. Also take note to disable background data on your Android device, You can also use app like No Root Firewall (as you said it). They help you monitor and  chose which apps can have access to the internet........
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instead of buying $1 for 10MB data bundles ,for telecel, buy higher denominations,eg $5 for 150MB or $20 for 800MB.
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i usually buy $3 worth of telecel airtime then get bonus. I then purchase 80MB data using the $3 i just bought and then i remain with $3 worth of bonus airtime and 80MB as well. The bonus(since it now calls across any network) is what i use for my normal calls. So when you look at it i am getting $11 worth of data+call credit for just $3.
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