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asked in Mobile by Regular (1.3k points)
Where can i get a CMDA smartphone, i want to use my africom line. Africom only provides funny android phones. I have an iphone 4s but it does on use a CDMA sim card. I dont want a dual sim phone too.

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answered by Guru (62k points)
Your iPhone 4S, if it is a genuine one, is what is known as dual mode. It supports both GSM (Econet, Telecel, NetOne) and CDMA (Africom, PowerTel) without you having to do anything extra to it.

Just have Africom (or whichever carrier you intend to use the sim card for) to provide you with the relevant size of RIUM that will fit.

Check out the specs here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4922/apple-iphone-4s-includes-hspa-144-gsmcdma-dual-mode-diversity
commented by Regular (1.3k points)
Iphone uses CDMA wireless not using RIUM, i have asked Africom about it and they havent replied me for 6months. Have you seen anyone using africom on an Iphone?
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