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What are the chances or prospects of windows 8, windows mobile and other windows operating systems becoming Open Source?

Was Steve Ballmer against it or did he just not see the potential and opportunities of going this route?

What will be the benefits for Microsoft if they open up their software? Are Microsoft keen supporters of open source technology or do they rather want to milk the market by charging for their services? What are Bill Gates thoughts on the matter?

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windows will never realistically go open source - its what makes microsoft there money

they will borrow open source idea's and tech for sure but there core product wont be open source in this generation at the very least - they would have to shift there philosophy from selling a product to selling support (which is the only way that companies like red hat are making there money) - changing mindsets tends to take a long time, especially in the history of microsoft - i mean look how long it took them to get into the mobile/tablet market
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