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depends on which galaxy and which ipad? i have used both iOs and Android..and i think i am in love with android(still using android)...(what would you expect from a geek...open source?beauty...)
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Disclaimer: I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

From an interoperability standpoint I would say that the Galaxy Tab beats the Ipad hands down (IMHO).
The Ipad doesn't have bluetooth - making it difficult to share multimedia content with friends. Add to this that you can only use itunes to add such stuff as music - with the Galaxy tab, it's not that inconvenient.

& if you try to add music using another itunes installation, it deletes the old library - thats a pain if your music is disbursed across different computers.

But the Ipad does look sexy and as is great as a fashion accessory
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by Guru (30.2k points)
Besides my apparent bias, I do think the iPad is better; & by that I have to say functionality and ease of use depends on what you use it for. That said, I find the iPad the best tablet for reading (9/10) ebooks, PDFs, and MS Documents. However, editing documents on an iPad is not as easy as doing it on a PC, of course there is the iWorks suite but to date it's not very user friendly especially for someone who needs to edit documents (4/10) on the go and on a regular basis.

For other stuff like music, videos, email the iPad works like a charm (8/10). I hardly use the iPad for gaming but I hear it's also good.

All in all it's a good gadget, the Bluetooth isssue is minor unless if u r really not into using email (to send documents) or downloading music from your computer and transfering to the gadget.
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I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab for a week, and I thought it was crap. It's a little unwieldly, heavier than it should be, the form factor isn't so pretty (hard edges make extended use uncomfortable).

Also, the Android OS is ... in my opinion of course ... limited and RUBBISH.

Whilst I don't own an iPad myself, I've had an iPhone for over a year, and have used and configured iPads, and I'll tell you hands down that it is the easiest, most intuitive tablet there is,.

That's why iOS is the best mobile operating system out there, because it just works and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to perform the most complex of tasks,

To conclude - iPad. Every time. Unless.
by new here (290 points)
Android is not "rubbish." The samsung implemantation on the galaxy is. Android is far more advanced than iOS. And "it just works?" Dude, seriously. stop already. You can t upload files on the ipad to the net. you cannot take off your own files after you copy them there and its heavy as hell. i own an ipad but its definitely not as great as you say.
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pliz refrain from misinforming pple...what could be better than android?iphone sucks....horribly overpriced apps and not easily available to pple in 3rd world countries like us...
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