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it seems that i have forgotten my lock pattern. I have tried it several times until it prompted with ‘forgot pattern’. i clicked on it and it showed me a new page requiring me to enter Google account details along with password. Now the challenge intensifies as i am not remembering any of the details required. How do i go about it?
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how would you forget both your lock pattern and your google account password? - sounds very suspicious to me

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Then you will have to hard reset your Android phone which will delete all your settings and apps on your phone, except for SD card data

Here are the specific steps to hard reset your Android phone:
1 Shut down your phone.It doesn't matter whether your phone is locked or not when you want to power of your phone.

2 Hold down the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously.For this step,different Android device may go different.Optional:For other phones try holding down the Volume down button and power button or Vol down+Up.

Some examples"

Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power

Samsung Galaxy S3: Volume Up + Home + Power

Motorola Droid X: Home + Power

For others,if you have no idea,you can search at Google.
3 Continue holding the Volume Up and Power buttons until you find the the phones logo screen exits.

4 When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume button until the Android System Recovery shows.That's a key step.

5 So here comes the Android System Recovery menu,select the wipe data/factory reset option.with the volume keys and tap the Power button to activate it.

Android recovery system

6 Once you have chosen the factory reset option, you will see a confirmation screen. Highlight the Yes delete all user data option and touch the Home button to select it.

7 The process of wiping the phone should only take a few seconds and when it is finished, you will be returned to the Android System Recovery menu.

8 Highlight and select the reboot system now option

9 You phone will now reboot back into normal mode.And you can enter your phone without password or pattern now.

Try following here http://about-google-android.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-to-unlock-android-phone-when-forgot.html
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Thanks for the help.My maid's fone had locked,it was now asking for Google account but then had no airtime to connect and there was no option to connct to the wifi...very helpful
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