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iOS and Android are both great mobile platforms. They also have quite a bit of room for improvement and different ideas of what matters to users. Naturally, many people feel one trumps the other. So is one actually better?
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ios for people who want easy to use phones. android for people who like phones that can show your personality by customising without limit.

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some points to remember

iOS is ultimately the combination of hardware and software - its consistent always

Android is pre-dominantly only software - hardware varies and is incosistent, as a result the user interface often differs device to device

from a whole ecosystem point of view - iOS/Apple has it nailed - they got it right first, and while there are gripes about app review speeds/issues - it for the most part just works and keeps 90% of the bad stuff out

Android more open which is always good - but with open comes more risk, to bad apps/malware/phishing which has to be considered - also i would argue leads to less quality apps because of the need to develop for such a wide range of devices compared to relatively few for iOS
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This debate has been on TA since the blog's inception, and though I don't like to admit it, iOS users are generally overpowered by the droid fans. So dig into some of the discussion and views below, and you make your own judgement

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it depends on who you are and what you like, different lifestyles, different platforms. Just read the reviews n comparisons n see which one does it for u. FYI, android does it for me.
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If market share and sales are anything to go by then android is better. But I prefer iOS
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Droid power!!!
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The best answer is to use them both ie i have an Iphone 5. and a Galaxy Tab. Its the best way to experience the 2 giant OSes.
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