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When you agree to a plan with your cell phone service provider, it includes a coverage area—or home area—where billing according to your selected plan applies.  If your contract is for local coverage, roaming charges may apply when you travel and leave the coverage area of your provider’s network and roam onto the network or coverage area of another cellular provider, even if you are still within your country.  If you have a nationwide coverage plan, roaming charges apply when you travel outside of your country.To avoid data roaming ,make sure you never run the risk of running up a data roaming charge is to turn off your cellular network connection completely. To avoid data roaming use free Wi-Fi or use an International Data Package,close the data spigot,buy a local prepaid SIM card with international package in other country to avoid roaming charge .To use the local sim card you need to unlock your mobile from the network lock.For this you need to get a unlock code .You can get the unlock code for your mobile from the online providers like http://www.mobile-unlocker.com/supported-phones/rs2wp7/ .To get the code you need to submit your mobile model,country name, network provider name and IMEI number.

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As long as there is no free data service then u'll be charged unless maybe if u use wifi.
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Roaming always attracts charges in one form or another. So, generally yes, you will get charged somehow.
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the only way you wont be charged is if you get on a free wifi hotspot
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Are there any free Hotspots that are in the Harare CBD?
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