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To have Gmail send messages from a specific sender to the Trash automatically:

1.    Click the Show search options triangle in the Gmail search field.

2.    Type the desired email address under From:.
(a)    You can block an entire domain by entering just that. To block all mail from both user-a@example.com and user-b@example.com, type "@example.com".
(b)    To block more than one address, separate them with "|" (the vertical bar; typically above the backslash on the keyboard; not including the quotation marks). You can block both user-a@example.com and user-b@example.com by typing "user-a@example.com|user-b@example.com", for example.

3.    Click Create filter with this search ».

4.    Make sure Delete it is checked under When a message arrives that matches this search:

5.    Click Create filter.
(a)    Check Also apply filter to __ matching conversations to delete previously received messages.
Wow! This is a clear instruction which makes it very helpful. Thank you chum! Anyway, I have heard from a friend of mine that there is a Chrome extension that can block an email address or even the entire domain all in just one click. I haven't tried it yet but I hope this helps. Here is the link   https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/block-sender/bklnjbfcmglhiaoppcckdodanccbelcg
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I found a tool at http://blocksenderapp.com -- but it looks like the same as the tool Arlene mentioned?
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You jst mark one of the msgs as spam.
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