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The main differences of CDMA and GSM are,

1.CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)after digitizing data,spreads it out over the entire bandwidth available to it. GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile telephone system that is widely used around the world .
2.In CDMA network,there is one physical channel and a special code for every device in the coverage network. In GSM network,every cell has a corresponding network tower, which serves the mobile phones in that cellular area.
3.Handset network service is specific in CDMA ,but in GSM it is SIM specific, User has option to select handset of his choice ,sometime it will locked with a particular network contract for a particular periods, but we can remove it by getting the unlocking service from an provider like http://www.theunlockarena.com/supported-phones/rs13wp7/
4.CDMA offers more efficient use of an analog transmission because it allows greater frequency reuse, as well as increasing battery life, improving the rate of dropped calls, and offering far greater security than GSM/TDMA. GSM is the dominant technology used around the globe and is available in more than 100 countries. It is the standard for communication for most of Asia and Europe.
5.GSM is a very straight forward standard, whereas, CDMA is somewhat complicated.

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GSM and CDMA both serve as shorthand for different mobile phone technologies. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications; it's the world's most prolific mobile standard (a standard being a set of rules and suggestions about how a mobile network should work). CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access—in the context of cellphones and mobile networks, people tend to use it interchangeably to refer to two different mobile standards: CDMAOne or CDMA 2000.

What's the core difference? It all has to do with the way your data is converted into the radio waves that your cellphone broadcasts and receives. To keep from lulling you to sleep with the deep dive, I'll just scratch the surface and say that GSM divides the frequency bands into multiple channels so that more than one user can place a call through a tower at the same time; CDMA networks layer digitized calls over one another, and unpack them on the back end with sequence codes.

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which one is better compared
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the main differences are on the air interface i.e between your device and the Base station .... CDMA uses ....CDMA whilst GSM uses a combination of frequency division and time division multiple division.....For the core network side everything seems to be the same..
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