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I am a Zimbabwean resident and have recently downloaded biNu on my mobile phone. As I was going through it I got interested with the apps on it and then I ran out of my free credits. I also noticed that it is cheap and efficient on sending SMSes to any mobile number anywhere in the world.

The billion dollar question is; how do I buy or purchase those biNu credits here in Zimbabwe since some online facilities, like Paypal, does not work to this end of the world? Is there any way available to access those credits here in Zimbabwe?

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i buy using ecocash
you dial *151*200#, then enter your pin,
choose option 2 ,which is pay merchant
the merchant code for binu is 10247
then choose how many credits you want to buy,the minimum is 25 credits for 50 cents
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You can buy your biNu credits here in Zimbabwe:

1. Using Ecocash. Follow the link for you to know how to use ecoash to buy your biNu cerdits: https://www.facebook.com/notes/binu-zimbabwe/how-to-buy-binu-credits-using-ecocash/544866445569210

2. From any CABS brach nearest you

3. From EASI
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