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My phone has been switching on and off. Often times I  fail to open the files that I want to open and I have been told that my handset has been "attacked by a virus". So from asking around, I have been told that I "have to flash" my phone. How is this done?

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You will have to visit their office where they can assist
what is the difference if i just use another method to flash it. its just an anroid phone like samsung galaxy
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if you bought it on the street they will tell yu that its their phone the person who bought it originally did not pay for it bla bla bla and yu will lose it
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What do you mean i will lose it? Will they take it away? Cant they fix it?
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just lost mine to them a gtel 706. they told me the guy who orriginaly bought it never paid for it so its technically theirs . so the charge was a full payment (the price of a new one $340) plus fixing it for me it was $80= $420. all this they will tell you when the phone is already somewhere else and you have no way of substantiating the facts.
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