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Are there additional costs that are required by telone or any other governing bodies that are needed for a company to own its own pabx. Why is it that some companies rent their pabx?

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According to law all telecoms customer premises equipment (CPE) that interface with e carrier( Telone, Econet etc..) equipment have to be type approved by POTRAZ. The regulator has not been firm on this law however, so most organizations will purchase their PBX and install without incurring additional costs beyond the cost of  purchase and installation.
The reason why some companies rent pbx's  is that at some point when the economy was fine some service providers and vendors who had huge finincial muscle would purchase a huge stock of pbx and rent them out at a very reasonable rate.
This was often a favorable proposition for organizations starting out as they would want to cut on costs of acquiring equipment. Unfortunately at the moment renting a pbx  from most service providers does not make much sense as the rentals are so high such  that after 12 months rentals you have attained the purchase price of the PBX.
The other advantage of renting is that you are relieved of the burden of maintaining the equipment  as this would normally be the responsibility of the service provider. It is also easier for an organization to keep track of the latest pbx technology when renting. You simple increase your premium and you are upgraded to the technology you want.
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