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I recently received an advert from Telecel Zimbabwe (a mobile network whom I currently do not use their services) advertising their services to me on my Econet number. This without my consent.

Can I take action against them (Telecel) for sending me unsolicited messages? Does this not classify the service under spam? Why has Telecel (I have checked and verified that this text message is indeed from Telecel as the message centre number is theirs and NOT some international SMS gateway) chosen to use the route of advertising?

If the mobile networks are now doing this, what chance (or hope) do I have that they will block other offenders from doing the same. As usual, would be interesting to know what the regulators' take on this is. What is POTRAZ always silent on such matters. Who are they here to serve?

(Ok, I know this is a lot of questions, but they are all linked to the same topic, right?)
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And is it legal for Econet to disconnect Telecel?

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It is illegal regardless of whatever reason they may bring. Bt what isp tend to do is exploit the weakness of the the environment they ar operating in.

In our case, the weakness is lack of enforcer to the laws, the enforcer should be POTRAZ but its a reactionary, toothless, disorganised body which cannt differentiate its head from its tail.

It always blows a lot of hot air and make unnecessary noise and questionable decision.

Once you hav such a body, it is the consumer who will be fleeced from left right centre because they will be no one to protect them.
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It sounds illegal
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the answer is it depends

if you have given your number to a service/store of some kind, you might find that companies like telecel buy that data from them - so there argument may be that you gave your number to them via a 3rd party

if you didnt give telecel or a possibly connected 3rd party service your number then yes it would be illegal but as mcdonald said - theres no real enforcement on matters

i for one never got the sms from telecel and i am on econet myself - so its likely this is how they got your number

as for its ethical status well thats a different matter
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Telecel just did what Econet does everyday to us... why do you want to make it an issue with Telecel? They are simple using the loophole in Econets system. Econet is the chief spammer...
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