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Eager to know what POTRAZ has to say about unsolicited messages, calls and emails. Does my mobile number belong to me or to the MNO? When I buy a sim card and Econet issues me a number, is that mine or does it belong to the carrier?

Can Econet send me their spam (without giving me an option to opt out) as and when they will? Is this part of my "contract" with them? I know sending me information on network critical services is paramount but their adverts every 5 mins (ok, I lie, it's actually 4min 59 sec...)

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As always, Potraz is waiting for someone big to complain, someone who has the power to sack people at that useless board.

Or maybe pple at Potraz know that they are super employees nothing will ever happen to them even if they dont do anything in the terms of employment.
 The whole board needs to be dissolved because its giving false hope to millions of consumers who are being canned everyday by these ruthless ISPs

It is one organisation which is getting millions of dollars, bt to see what exactly they are doing with that money is difficult to judge.
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