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Sometimes its easier for me to think my son is studying when he is buried deep in social networking. Now that facebook has some X-rated Videos and explicit images, I want to protect my son from such. It will be unfair to permanently cut out Facebook for him.

History can be tempered with. With that in mind how then can I monitor his activities on Facebook without him knowing that I am keeping tabs on him? How also do I ban such material from being shown on his PC?

Worried Dad.

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3 Answers

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Install remote desktop on his her pc like vnc or simply use teamviewer. That way you see exactly what he she is doing when you ar around the house.

It will be hard to totally ban such content if you allow to go on facebook. But things like opendns can give you a lot of control on what wrbsites to filter
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Squid software can be used to filter undesirable content on the internet. To bar specific websites would be tedious considering the fact that there are thousands of such sites. So using Squid you can simply bar certain search terms on your PC
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not easily doable as facebook now runs wholly over HTTPS rendering squid somewhat useless
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The only option is to talk to him and make him understand the dangers of Porn.... Thats the only alternative.. Blocking wont help i tell you... Have a father to son talk.. Man up and be that Great Dad.
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