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It depends with ur phone. Some devices allow you to install apps on SD card.
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Moving WhatsApp to your memory card (microSD card) is not possible at this time.
There are technical hurdles that do not allow android to move the application to the microSD card at this time.
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I tried and tried,,, used Titanium backup etc it wasn't possible... I think it has to do with system issues ie Whatsapp uses your conatcts so its more like a system app when you install it.
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Point of correction
Step 1: Get the Android SDK and extract it to your desktop or any other folder.

Step 2: Install the USB Driver for your device ( http://developer.android.com/sdk/win-usb.html )

Step 3: Connect your phone via USB and enable USB Debugging

Step 4: Open a command prompt and navigate to the android sdk: sdk/platform-tools

Step 5: Run the following commands:

adb devices

Now check if your device is listed.

adb shell

pm set-install-location 2(Does not work on old phones, use this one instead:

pm setInstallLocation 2


You should now be able to move all your apps to the SD Card.

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did you try that on whatsapp??????
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Its very possible that's why the local Ibho phones and other low end Android phones use Whatsapp from memory card. you Might need to root your device.
try these apps

App Mgr Pro III
Move Apps
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Yes you can now move your whatsapp media to sd card using the app whatsappfilemover .Enjoy!!!!!!
he cannot find my sd card
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Its not possible to do dat
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