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i have been trying to uninstall softwares and programs from my computer,but it's not  allowing me to do that.Does that mean my computer has been affected by a virus

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5 Answers

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Use ccleaner! A very smart and small utility that cleans and uninstall any program that refuse to be removed.
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try booting in safe mode and see if you can uninstall any programs. Also disable your antivirus..if it dosnt help then i wud suggest doin a CLEAN installation of windows. format the hard drive/ partition..dont use the method that saves the windows.old folder it will make your system slow and the problem will come back
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You can also use Revo Unistaller
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The best answer i can give you is...  NB : ALL SOFTWARE INSTALLED WILL NEED TO BE RE-INSTALLED
1) clear up to at least 12Gig of space on drive C:
2) Get an installation disk and re-install your OS
3) When prompted to format click " leave partition intact"
4) After all that is done you will find all your Documents in C:\windows.old  

Windows accumulates old files and unnecessary files with time and by doing so it does not recognize if that file is useful or absolute, hence forth it will try and read the file so as accomplish a task, wich decreases your processing speed and your anti virus might clean a file and corrupt it so it is always best to start over cause its just 40 minutes out of your time and your machine is back to peak perfomance...

God Bless and Good Luck
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Use C cleaner and Install an antivirus  or use tune up utility software it help you to uninstall apps
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