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in ICT Services by Guru (26k points)
Piracy rate is increasing, discs are burned almost every minute and they are sold in every street corner. Where will our local artists make money if they are not protected?

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2 Answers

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by Guru (57.6k points)
thats because the police are too busy with other matters normally - theres not enough resourcing of anti-piracy protection issues

its also about educating people why its wrong too - ask average person who buys a jack sparrow dvd if they think its illegal or wrong you would be surprised at the number of people who dont think they are doing anything wrong
by Guru (26k points)
yah, but there should be a police department for that. with so many police recruited in Zim. Perhaps they are all for traffic
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by Guru (29.5k points)
Piracy is very illegal. When caught the result might be a jail-term.
by Guru (26k points)
yes, but in Zimbabwe it seems to be not that serious as you can see CDs in every street corners.
by Guru (88.1k points)
Pple are selling anything to survive but that mean if there are dvds in every street corner it becomes legal.

As the economy normalise, you will see more and more police enforcing copyright act.
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