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I haven't been able to post an image when asking a question. Is it compatible here ???? According to you http://answers.techzim.co.zw/6868/techzim-answers-latest-update-what-has-changed Please administrators can you clarify on this.. Some questions are easily answered when we can see an image.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, the current Editors that we have at our disposal that gives the capability of uploading pictures is not mobile friendly.

Sadly, as the bulk of Zimbabweans (our target market) as predominately mobile first users, we would encourage you to use the HTML upload method by attaching/embedding the link in your HTML code.

We appreciate your feedback.
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Noted thank you
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That will actually be good if done. All it says is html allowed??
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The issue was the editor doesn't work well on some phones

you could still insert an image if you upload it somewhere and know the HTML code to manually embed
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We need that, I'll vote for that!
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