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Are there any places in Bulawayo with Wifi hotspots where one can sit and surf? I remember Bulwayo Rainbow hotel and YoAfrica used to have such a service? Are those still working?

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There is Gator Internet opposite Zimdef house along Fort Street and Corner 7th Ave, just next to the Bulawayo Country Club. Also in the same area is Telco just on the Ground Floor of Zimdef house...

Hope it helps
Thanks for the info. Marked as answer. Will look out for it. These are a places with space to bring my own notebook, right?
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Yes Gator has a facility where you buy the wifi token. You can use it anywhere as long as you are within their range that is around 100-150metres. Telco provides the same.
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Logon Cafe' first floor CIPF centre!!
Thanks for the info. Wouldve marked yours as an answer too but can only do that for one. So fairly chose the first. This Cafe has space to take your own notebook?
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no worries man, it's not about the points for me... just glad to work. Also helping out a friend, he's the one running that cafe.
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