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I would like to run my lan exclusively as an IPv6 network, i.e. remove the option for IPv4 in network properties in windows, linux etc.  My router has a local IPv6 Address and as such I would set that as the gateway and use IPv6 static addresses for my clients.  My question is how will my router handle requests seeing as my WAN link is an IPv4 address.

i.e. Laptop (Ipv6) requests www.google.com -> request reaches router -> and then what?

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yes its possible but not advised

you could set an IPv6 subnet to use privately - http://www.simpledns.com/private-ipv6.aspx

however  your router will need to do IPv6 to IPv4 tunnelling - not usually available in consumer grade routers and its still NAT which is one of the reasons IPv6 was created - to eliminate NAT - its not actually designed for NAT and trying to do IPv6 NAT is not recommended

to be honest an IPv6 only network is only really useful for testing - theres absolutely no real benefits compared to the negatives at this stage - IPv4 will remain around for quite some time despite the IPv4 address pool being all but exhausted and IPv6 adoption is only a few percent at this time

if you want to play with IPv6 you might want to try playing with tunnelbroker.net - you could use your PC to set it up if your router is not compatible with it its free and would give you IPv6 on your LAN (dont disable IPv4 on your LAN it will break too much stuff) and ability to browse IPv6 sites along side the current IPv4 sites
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i should add after realising you asked the question about multi-wan routing - pfsense supports tunnelbroker.net directly in its latest release and theres a guide to explain how to set it up: https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Using_IPv6_on_2.1_with_a_Tunnel_Broker
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Yes yu can do that. Your router will do some form of nat 6-to-4 translation if set properly. That will not affect your connection with yo isp as they will see only ipv4.

Bt is there any benefit for you to do that?
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