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I am a Gtel 707 user. My phone has dual sim so I want to find out if it is possible for me to enter my Econet and Telecel numbers (at the same time) on whatsapp?

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It is indeed possible for rooted android device, all you need is this app called "2Lines for WhatsApp"  available for free  on the Google Play Store !
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Yes this is possible.
Download the whatsapp apk to a pc then use apktool to reverse engineer the app (unpack apk, change package name in AndroidManifest.xml to something like whatsapp2, repack, resign).
when you are done install and you will now have two whatsapp's pick the second one and install.  This should allow you to configure the second line, however be sure that one version is installed to your phone and the other version is installed to your sd card (different locations are crucial otherwise there will be conflicts)
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Basically its a Yes No answer. You can if you are an advanced user of mobile apps.. and No if you are just someone who uses yo phone for calling and texting...
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Any idea what the charges would be like?
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I think its a NO. Whatsapp is installed on the device and there is no way you can install it twice to work simultaneously on the same device unless u first uninstall the one u first installed.
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its a yes boss,there is app you should download first called whatsapp two numbers
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Its possible just look for an app dat is call 2lines for watsapp
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Hello There,
You can now use WhatsApp on your Dual SIM Android Smartphone.ie., Two different WhatsApp accounts in both the SIM cards in the same phone.

There is an App named "OGWhatsApp". By installing the same you can enjoy two accounts on your Dual SIM Phone. For detailed instructions follow the link: http://droidguru.org/use-whatsapp-two-numbers-dual-sim-android-phone/
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