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I just realised that Techzim is the best in everything. The news updates on Techzim is excellent!!!!!! The Forum, Techzim Answers is a cut above the rest. If i had an award ill gladly give you. Keep up the amazing work and let the Site continue to grow and grow and grow!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars to the admins.

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Thank you, we appreciate.
Not to bribe you or anything (c'mon, would we do that??? - wait, don't answer that) please check your private message here on Techzim Answers (or the email you have registered with us) with details of being one of our Most Active Users last week and your FREE airtime.
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Hhhmmm Thank you
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Why hating it when it gives us consultation services free of charge?
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hahahaha talk about free....
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Anything with word free l jump and take!!!
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Sometimes we often ask the wrong people of some of the Tech-faults we encounter every now and then. With TechZim answers we get feedback with referral links. Aint that too good? Ofcourse it is.

I am loving it too man
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just realized that i visit techzim everyday.....
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i love this platform,that's a step to widen people's knowledge on technology.the techzim answers website  is just awesome,on top of that it offers free $5 airtime for just doing a simple activity on the platform,really this is worthy my love.
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TechZim is great. Definitely 5 Stars
It is one of the properly managed sites in Zimbabwe. keep up the good work guys
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Seriously, this is one of those rhetorical questions. If you love tech and you're in Zim then of course you love Techzim!

They definitely contributed in the growing of the Zimbabwe Tech scene and continue to do so with their events (Barcamp, Jumpstart, Broadband Forum, Surge)

I think a better question statement would be "Who Doesn't Love TechZim"
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Yes, who would h8 such a gr8 service?
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Its a benefical site especially when one wants to keep upto date with the technological changes around zimbabwe and the world.
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