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How does one set to "private number" or "caller unknown" when using a Telecel sim card in Zimbabwe. Often times one wants to remain anonymous or the recipient will be evading picking up their phone on seeing my number.

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This service is currently not available on the Telecel network as their system is set to show your number when you make a call. Either they had to pay a little extra for this feature, or it is a fault of their system - I strongly believe the former as contract lines (and Telecel employee's numbers can hide their numbers).

If you try and "hide" your number on a Telecel sim, your calls will not go through and tell you to contact the operator.

Your best option is to make use of someone else's phone to make the call
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100% true and confirmed. Telecel doesnt have a facility to hide numbers to the general "public"
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Telecel does not offer that facility
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Telecel does not offer that service, I know they have the capability but maybe there's some law or something....
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also as tzanswers said, if you try to activate it your calls will not get through...
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