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I would like to introduce a mobile application that is not device reliant and my current thoughts are to create an application that will become resident on ones sim card (there should be sim cards that are as big enough, right?)

Conventionally used for storing contact details and other network specific information, is there extro room on the sim card that can allow me to add my content? Will I need to get into a relationship with the mobile network operator or I can just have people to come in to my office and duplicate their information on my my larger sim card?

I know that Facebook released (well at least according to this article: http://allfacebook.com/first-facebook-sim-card-released_b32504) a Facebook sim, but was this in direct liason with the sim card mantfacture (in this case Gemalto). Do I need to do this too?

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Its a brilliant Idea though it requires high level programming. Id suggest you liase with the ISPs . Make sure you have your idea well documented. Ive seen and heard many techies crying out lod after their ideas have been pirated by our ISPs.
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you would need to work with the sim manufacturers

the majority of simcards only hold around 32kb of data including network information and contacts, newer sims do 64k or possibly even 128Kb but i'm not sure these sim-cards are actively being used in zim at this time

you would need a custom simcard engineered to hold more data - something that might be technically challenging and expensive especially fitting into nanosim sizes

not to forget you would need devices to support the custom sim card and/or software on the device that makes use of the custom data stored on it
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Netone's sim card is a 128k one .. They flighted a adv last year that they are switching sim cards. Im not sure if it was 100% successful
My net*one sim holds 128Kb  this was to cater for the onewallet application.  The swop was by choice.
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