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I thought this was the communication bill that came in ages ago.
I personally think having read all over this morning for a good three hours that it will not be possible to control 1. Internet and 2. Call records and 3. Text messages.  Here is why
1.  All I need is a license from Potraz and a VSAT from say South Africa, London etc.  My internet will never ever pass through local channels.  Or maybe  I do not have the capital for a VSAT, well for pennies on the dollar I can subscribe for a VPN service and tunnel all my internet requests via a server in russia say to another server in the USA and then back to ohh i dont know germany?... I think you get the point here.
2. Call records - Get a satellite phone from NeraSat, Immersat, Iridium... problem solved there... my friends overseas can juice up my satellite phone and once again i am good to go.  Ok so a sat phone is expensive... so i get a VOIP device from say www.vonage.com and connect it via my vpn or vsat and all of a sudden i have a US number to call as and when i please.
3.  Text messages - there are a number of apps that allow you to send a text message on the android platform that are encrypted. as long as the recipient has the preshared key we are good to go.

now all that said, I am not sure how legal all of the above is.  Moreso why would i be so paranoid in the first place?  What is it that i am doing that i need hidden from my very own government.
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Remember what you just posted is being watched as we speak... Lols...
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ROFL... maybe i am at an open wifi hotspot in the middle of town? hahahaha.  A little of topic though, i think techzim should host an even for such discussions.

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I think its mainly to manage security and also crime prevention. Well I think!!!
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