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With all this talk about privacy, spying, data mining etc... why is it that if i register for techzim answers you want my phone number?

I see no relevance in providing my phone number to techzim whatsoever.
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Its for your own benefit.

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Thank you for this question. We are slowly adding new features to this website that gives our users a number of benefits.

One of the features that we are soon to release is the ability for you to receive instant notifications via SMS. For example, you can set to be notified when a question that you have asked has been answered, to be notified via SMS instantly. Users will be able to turn this feature on and off as they please.

This has been necessitated by the realisation that many people have just opened an email address for the sole purpose of "opening a Facebook account". More and more people have mobile numbers and how many times have you received a SMS and ignored it  versus receiving an email and not even opening it?

So in light of all of this, we have started getting people to register their mobile numbers. Hope that answers your question.
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We appreciate the new features you are adding to the site
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That feature must be optional.
I believe so too.

For a tech-related company its an opposing end to the privacy advocacy given by most tech-oriented communities. One should have an opt-out choice.

I wouldnt give my number

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usually phone numbers are required to send the new user a unique code that he or she will use to finish registering.sometimes they might want to sent you notifications on website,abt new things,as you know that few people visit their emails everyday and some don't  even bother opening them,so registering using your mobile number will  make it easy for techzim answers to communicate with you quickly and more faster.
that is called mobile authentication,am sure your privacy is guaranteed.
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Nope my email address is sufficient for sending a unique code.  I do not want any notifications on my phone about new things, my smartphone makes sure i get emails instantly.  So no unfortunately I am not satisfied with this answer.  If it was something like google two step authentication where its an opt in sure.  Now with the news from newsday today, now you have my email address, my phone number which in turn means you have access to my ID number and quite possibly my residential address!  I do not think my privacy is guaranteed.
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Probably it has got plans infuture that in case you asked a question and someone answered it for you then you may be contacted automatically through an sms.

In the long run it might run the promotions and it will need to contact you, or the situation might arise that might need you to be contacted as a matter as of emergency.
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What emergency would techzim need to tell me about?... I am not trying to be difficult here but surely! and if its so that i can be notified about an answer to my question, then it should give me the choice per question not during registration.  Anyway problem solved.  google voice accepts sms so voila. used my google voice number to register.
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You are not forced to do this!
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