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How  to unlock blackberry 8520

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Even though l feel for you, but still you are publishing on a wrong forum.You must post in relevant site to maintain the integrate of this forum, otherwise we will end having all sorts of things posted here.
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@macd i beg you to inform me what sort of forum or websites i should post this kind of stuff?
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something like this:

Even though you are looking for internship, it can still look like you are job seeking. My personal advice is to look for contact details of many  IT companies and service providers, then pay them a visit. Outline your case and you might get somebody willing to listen.
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tried all that but it hasnt yielded results yet, what with arrogant guards and receptionists who are always interferring i doubt if the Cvs ever reach the intended recipients. Anwae thanx 4 the advice.
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lm not a job advisor but looking at your above qualifications, lm failing to get what you really can do in a proper IT job market. You mentioned your have general knowledge, that would not convince a company say Africom, whos network is very slow nowadays and they want it fixed quickly.

From my point of view, what is lacking on your resume is specialist knowledge. For example if you are into networking, how about specialist certs like Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, HP etc. If you are into helping how about certs like HDI, MCST, ITIL etc.

Even if you get direct contacts, a company will look at what you are bringing them, general knowledge is not one they will seriously be looking for! e-Commerce, e-Business is a vast field my friend, l would advise you to specialize.
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i am not looking for a job okay its INTERNSHIP(work related learning) or what some of u guys prefer to call attachment. About specialisation i agree am actually undertaking one of those certificatiöns and i have also successfully completed a cambridge certified e-commerce specialist program online. In any case dont downplay e-commerce as a general degree. Five of my classmates have been taken by kingdom(IT), ZB bank(IT) metro(e-commerce)Cabs(business services )are you implying then that the staffing guys at these institutions are ignorant or the guys at HIT who came up with the program?a lot of extensive consultation was done. i think you are a little misinformed macd about the situation on the ground and about e-commerce in general. Try to read a little more. Just for the record e-commerce and e-business have little if any in common (try googlin it up). Out of curiosity what do you do in IT?
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l have seen people with masters in computers struggling to get a job, some l live with. What l was proposing will get you quickly recognised. I understand what you are but after the internship you will have to look for a job or you arr hoping they wil take you permanently.

What l do? Uuum! In simple terms l specialise in Data Transcription and Oil Exploration data management, you got that?

I might be less informed about somethings IT on the ground but lm can speak with authority that IT services in Zim is stuck in yester year and still in incubators. Also, lm not overlooking your efforts or degree, l wad just giving my thought.

Be it e-commerce or e-business, the end result is to deliver a service to the consumer.
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thanx macd i understand now that you mean well. Thank you for the insight and advice. God bless you. About your job i am kind of lost havent heard about something like that before, it must be something big.
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