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in Mobile Apps by Guru (94.6k points)
I am eager to know out of the two apps that are out there for us to use which one of them is better for you? Can you access your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (if at all people are streaming videos from their mobile devices)?

In terms of data usage which is the cheaper of the two? What mobile network will you be using to access the service?

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5 Answers

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by Guru (26k points)
biNu seems to be better in the sense that:

•    biNu is very cheaper on browsing as compared to Opera
•    biNu is faster than Opera
•    With biNu you can send sms messages over the data network and you even can send sms to people without biNu application on their phones
•    biNu is more like an app interface for it has got many apps
•    Games and stuff, soccer results e.t.c
•    Facebook app within Binu which is a cheaper way of visiting facebook.
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by Contributor (8.7k points)
Both apps are cheap. Though Opera Mini i feel is better.
1)Opera is provably faster than Binu.
2)Opera doesn't hemorrhage memory.
3)Opera never opens a link or popup in another window unless you tell it to.
4)Opera can access all your links and can stream youtube videos.

The only the which one would download binu for is the free messages they get.
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by Guru (31.2k points)
1. Opera now has got Local Flavour. It is incorporated with Econet and Telecel. 2. Its fast. 3. Its light. 4. Its easy to use. 5. No adverts. 6. Pages are small and the general user interface is simple and straight to the point. 7. Its the most popular mobile browser and i love it.
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by Guru (32.3k points)
i would say in some cases like browsing, binu myt be better but operamini is best. It has got better page views & u are able to save pages & speed dials.
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by Regular (3.5k points)
When it speed opera mini is fast than binu
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