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G'day, I have a Telecel Sim ( of which Telecel does not have an smtp server ) so for the past few weeks I have been able to receive my emails in outlook express which is a vodamail.co.za address and send. My outgoing smtp has been ecoweb, but for the past week my outgoing mail keeps getting blocked, sometimes the mail goes through. I can still receive. The reason why I use Telecel coz they are much cheaper with their $ 5 and 10 data bundles than Econet. How can I bypass as I know with an econet sim it works. I just wonder how can you provide an Internet service but have no proper Infrastructure?

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it's not a matter of proper infrastructure. it's a matter of blocking out spam from originating within the Telecel network. Try and use port 587 or any non smtp: port 25 for outgoing. It will work.

I used to have the same issues with my clients when they traveled to SA or in the UK. i went around this issue by port forwarding external port 88 to my internal 25 to send emails from networks that block smtp:25. now my outgoing mail server is remote.horion.ogilvy.co.bw port 88 and it works like a charm :-). You can also use port 587 of any web based email service and use it to relay emails on your behalf
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