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With the competitions that are currently going on (some even are calling them Network Wars) there are a few ways that you can save on your airtime when using Telecel. These tips are for prepaid subscribers and unfortunately NOT Telecel Red or contract.

Here goes:
6. In this tip, you will need access to two Telecel sim cards (which is what we encouraged you here: http://answers.techzim.co.zw/9917/top-airtime-saving-tip-4-of-10-telecel). Let's call the two Telecel sim cards, Line 1 and Line 2.
i. DO NOT use any of the airtime and make sure you have your internet turned off as Telecel will straight away bill you.
ii. Top up Line 1 with $1 (you are also given $1* bonus, we have attached an asterisk to differentiate).
iii. Transfer the $1 in Line 1 to Line 2 (check how to transfer airtime here: http://answers.techzim.co.zw/8796/how-do-transfer-telecel-airtime-from-mobile-phone-to-another?show=8796#q8796)
iv. Line 1 will have the bonus $1*, whilst Line 2 will have the other $1 that accesses all of Telecel's promos.
v. Use Line 2 to subscriber to services found in our previous tip (http://answers.techzim.co.zw/9921/top-airtime-saving-tip-5-telecel) while using Line 1 to make calls to non-Telecel subscribers.

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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telecel tell someone its more easy than i thought
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