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so this tip only applies to those who have two sim cards as well as a dual sim  phone or  someone who has two mobile handset only.

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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With the competitions that are currently going on (some even are calling them Network Wars) there are a few ways that you can save on your airtime when using Telecel. These tips are for prepaid subscribers and unfortunately NOT Telecel Red or contract. This tip requires that you have read and understood our previous tip - http://answers.techzim.co.zw/9928/top-airtime-saving-tip-6-of-10-telecel

First, a bit of background. Currently Telecel requires you to have at least $0.50 in your main balance in order for you to subscriber/buy the $0.50 Super Voice Bundle. This is difficult to do, especially since after you top up $1, and subscriber for $0.50, there will be $0.50 left (as well as the $1 bonus that they give you as well that can call all networks). Now if you want to call a non-Telecel number, which usually happens, it will first deduct from your main balance of $0.50 and NOT the $1* bonus instead. When you need to subscriber to the Super Voice Bundle the following day, this will then require you to top up another $1.

Here goes a method to "cheat/beat" the system MAKE SURE YOU READ TIP 6 FIRST:
Tip 7.
i. Top up Line 1 with $2 Mega Juice (make sure you are not connected to the internet)
ii. Transfer the main $2 to Line 2.
iii. Use Line 1 to make non-Telecel calls, whilst you subscriber to the $0.50 Super Voice Bundle from Line 2. Line 2 will be used for Telecel to Telecel calls only.
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