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I am continually under pressure from my family to get something other than ZTV. I for one, do not watch tv and spend most of my time online. I do watch the odd YouTube video or Facebook video, but I'm fully "entertained" online (and no, that don't mean the porn websites!!!)

I am interested to know what cost effective solutions are available for my family (wife and kids) as they are not much of sports fans (I know, I am a failure here) but want to watch cartoons and movies. If they are going to watch, this will most probably be in the evenings (ZESA allowing) and for about 2-3 hours for 6 days a week (I know, ZESA is not that gracious, but this is a BEST case scenario).

What should we go for? GoTV? DSTv (that is full of repeats)? Free-to-air (Wiztec and Philabao) where there is a once off fee only? What channels are available on these decoders, as I read a couple of months back of the uproar from people that SABC was removed. Not too sure whether eTV is available either.

Your thoughts and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Seems like you are stuck in a world where you have few or no options at all. DSTV is good ONLy if you have the Premium Bouquet. The only feasible option is for you to download movies and series online. Im not promoting piracy but lets face it. What else is there to watch???
 Free To Air- Full of church channels
DSTV- All bouquets are full of repeats beside Premium Package + or - $70 a month (very expensive)

Option- Buy ZOL $59 a month and download Unlimited movies, cartoons, series, sporting events, games etc.........
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