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Welcome to Techzim Answers - how to use this site

Techzim answers is a community driven questions and answer site where our main mission is to help each other with answers to technology questions. While we are a Zimbabwean site, technology knows no borders and any question about tech anywhere is welcome.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using the site

Asking questions

  • Make sure your question is clear. In addition to the main question title, enter some details to ensure people understand exactly what problem you facing or what information you seek.

  • To get answers in the most efficient way, avoid asking anonymously. Register on the site (simply using Facebook, or by creating an account here) and that way yo can select the best answer to your question, vote on answers, and edit your question to clarify it.

  • When you enter a question, it is recommended that you enter some tags as a way to classify the question for other people to find it easily.

  • When you enter a question, the site looks for similar questions that have been asked and answered before. Check these questions before going ahead as your issue may already have been answered.

  • When your question is answered and you are satisfied with the answer, please select the answer as the "best", this way, other people that have the same questions know what worked for you.

  • If not satisfied with the answers given so far, please respond to the people that answered why this doesn't answer you by commenting on their answers.

Answering questions

  • If you decide to answer a question, make sure it is an answer and not a something else, e.g. asking for clarification. To ask for clarification, choose instead to comment on the question.

  • Even when you don't have an answer, sometimes it is helpful to point the person in the general direction of the answer.

  • Remember that we were all new at everything at some point and needed help. be nice to others in your answers and comments.

Points and Badges

  • You earn reputation points and badges for all activity you do on Techzim Answers. Some actions, like answering questions or just having your answer selected as the best, earn you more points than others.

  • Remember you need to be registered to earn points. Do that here or just use the Facebook Login.

Questions asked and answered by tzanswers

You will find a number of questions asked and answered by the same user, usually tzanswers. These are questions asked us via email or phone that we have responded to, and find that visitors to the site will likely benefit from, or have more/better answers to.

Welcome to Techzim Answers,

You can ask questions and receive answers from the Zimbabwean internet community.

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